Our mission



Our mission is to provide innovative quality products to our customers. This mission is stronger than ever as Reydel Automotive aims to be the global automotive supplier of value-added components and systems to vehicle manufacturers around the world.

Reydel Automotive has 16 manufacturing facilities, 3 just-in-time assembly sites and 8 technical centers located in Europe, South America and Asia. Global engineering centers with our R&D teams have the capability to develop new products or adapt existing products to local markets.

Reydel Automotive has full capability to design, develop and manufacture complete and functional modular interior systems. Our expertise in manufacturing, materials, design and styling allows us to provide innovate, cost-and-weight-efficient products.

Additionally, Reydel Automotive’s in-depth local market consumer perceived quality research capability enables us to provide valuable insights in developing consumer-appealing solutions to help our customers differentiate their vehicles.

Our product portfolio includes:


Reydel Automotive is fully committed to Quality to satisfy its Customers :

Reydel Automotive’s Quality Policy Statement 2018



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